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From: (Bruce Richards)
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 1997 14:47:22 +0100
Press W Jones wrote:
> So saying, if any of you who work the web has a few minutes to spare, I'd
> sure appreciate a critique - any honest, constructive comment on what
> we've had done so far. So far, we've spotted some mis-spellings, etc.,
> but what I'd like to know, basically, is whether it does its job as a
> source of information, supply, and service.
> I will pass all comments on to the outfit doing the job, and we will
> include all that is possible in the final current domain and in future
> additions.
> My sincere thanks to all who choose to jump in --
> 73,
> ::Press Jones, N8UG
> ::The Wireman, Inc.
> ::Landrum, SC 29356
> ::use or (864) 895-4195 for tech help
> ::orders only use 800-727-WIRE(9473) or

The page looks fine.. Glad to see you get on the Web. I would include
the URL for page into your signature file of your E mail like mine
is below. This is called a hyperlink. If you have any trouble doing it,
let me know and I will be glad to help on anything, except spelling :)

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