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[TowerTalk] Are "Ufer" grounding BEFORE pouring base cement?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Are "Ufer" grounding BEFORE pouring base cement?
From: (Chuck Lewis)
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 1997 03:51:07 +0100
> There were some recent articles (letters? Hints n Kinks?) in QST
> from some experts regarding welding rebar. Because the composition
> of rebar is suspect (it's basically "trash" metal), welding is not 
> recommended.

I won't disagree that the garden variety rebar is "trash" and not to be
trusted as a welded structure, but those of us with HY-Gain towers (at
least the HG52SS) know that their base is a welded sructure, and uses
steel tabs welded to the three vertical rebars instead of the usual
"J-bolts". The tower legs (which have tabs, too) are pinned to the base
tabs with galvanized bolts & nuts.  I've been told that a
'virgin-quality' rebar is available which will allow certified welds,
and I have assumed that is what HY-Gain used, since their stress
document specifies those welds pretty tightly.  This being the case,
there's not much we can do to isolate the cage from the tower, My guess
is that your recommendation will be to still ground the cage as PART of
a complete system: CORRECT?

Chuck Lewis, N4NM

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