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Subject: [TowerTalk] FS: Tower climbing belts
From: (RJA)
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 1997 12:48:55 -0400
I have the following safety belts for sale, all are unused and made by
Miller Equipment and Rose, both top-quality suppliers of OSHA fall
protection equipment.

Quantities are limited, so it's first-come first-serve.
Add $7 per order for shipping via UPS.

Miller publishes the following size table for their belts:

    Small:      32 to 40 belt size
    Medium:     36 to 44 belt size
    Large:      40 to 48 belt size
    Ex. Large:  44 to 52 belt size

For example, I have a 38" waist and I can fit into a small belt (on the
last hole!), but be sure to make allowance for extra clothing.

The Rose belts are universal size, there's plenty of length to
accomodate all belt sizes.

A)  Body belt (made by Rose, model #502522), two straps
attached to waist belt with snap hooks on each end
(one size fits all).  Both snap hooks are adjustable in
length, so you don't really need a lanyard to go around
the tower, but one can be used.  Extra "D" ring on belt
for a safety lanyard.  $15 (universal size)

B)  Body belt with saddle, (2) "D" rings on the waist belt.
The second belt goes under your seat for extra support.
$45 (XL only)

C)  Tree trimmer belt, (2) "D" rings on the saddle but not
on the belt, 3" back pad.  Would make a great belt to use
with an existing waist belt (or "A" above) for additional
support under your seat, allows you to sit when you're
positioned on the tower.
(Small, Large, no Medium).  $35

D)  Body belt with single "D" ring, twist-lock snap hook
attached to "D" ring allows a lot of flexibility in motion
(such as in construction work), removable 3" back pad.
$20 (S, M, L)

E)  Body belt, no "D" rings.  Use with a lanyard (see
below) for bucket work, ladder climbing, roofing work, etc.
$10 (S, M, L, XL)

F)  Single-snap webbing lanyards, use with the body belt
above.  Snap on one end, loop on the other end.  8000 lb
tensile strength, great as an extra safety strap for tower
climbing, lifting or securing heavy items, pulling your
truck out of the mud, etc.  $10 for single-snap, $15 for
single-snap with shock absorber.

G)  Shoulder harness, adjustable shoulder straps, double
ply waist strap, single "D" ring on back.  $30 (Large only)

H)  Full body harness, (2) shoulder "D" rings and (1) back
"D" ring.  This is a true fall protection device, designed
to safely support you in the event of a fall.  Recommended
for use with shock absorbing lanyards ("F" above)
(Small only). $45

I)  Full body harness with (2) shoulder "D" rings, otherwise
similar to above (Small only).  $45

J)  Full body harness with (1) back "D" ring, otherwise
similar to above.  (S, M, L).  $45

K) Tool pouch with loops to attach to any belt.  $7

L) Adjustable rope lanyard for use with any of the above belts.  $20

73 and safe climbing!

     -- Rich K1CC

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