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[TowerTalk] Separating Aluminum Tower Sections

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Separating Aluminum Tower Sections
From: (Bruce Richards)
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 1997 21:25:31 +0100
Jeff Maass wrote

> I've been offered five 8-foot sections of aluminum tower, but the owner
> has been unable to get them apart.
> Any tips? Any techniques (chemical or mechanical) to loosen seized pieces? I
> was considering jacks, but with aluminum I'm concerned about bending.
> 73,
> Jeff Maass       
You may wish to try it like I did once. A guy was going to sell a tower
he had 40ft laying dowm connected to a 25G hinge. He couldnt get the
sections apart. I tried helping him, and with out the correct tools, we
didnt have much luck. He got mad and told me if I could get rid of it I
could have it. I went and got motorcycle trailer and loaded one end of
tower on trailer and chained the other end to trailer hitch. I waited
ontill early morning when no traffic and drove it home like a long
trailer. 73/DX........Bruce

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