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[TowerTalk] TVI Fliters???

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Subject: [TowerTalk] TVI Fliters???
From: (Rich Hallman N7TR)
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 1997 18:02:13 -0700
Guess I should have mentioned....

   This guy is on an outside antenna in his attic....So far I have NEVER
had a complaint with those on CATV..Gezz...Did I open myself up now?? ha

    He has a problem with the cable company and refuses to get it...Oh

Thanks for all the replies....Ill post them in a few more days..!

73   Rich

At 08:25 PM 9/28/97 -0400, Rick Wells wrote:
>Another thing to watch is common mode interference on the CATV shield.  I
have a situation next door, that I'm working on (slowly because I've been
off the air and on the tower all summer) where there is interference to one
particular TV set when you just touch the shield on the connector.  This
type of interference is usually characterized by rectified sounding SSB (or
CW) in the TV audio, independent of channel and independent of volume
control setting.  In my case it is also very proportional to the power with
nothing at 100 w and a fair amount at 1200 w.  My case is 75 and 40 m only.
>The neighbor is having the CATV people install a ground at the entrance to
the house, something I would think would be required by code anyway.  If
that doesn't take care of it, I'll try a big toroid common mode filter at
the TV (10-20 turns of the cable on the correct toroid material).
>From:  Rich Hallman N7TR[]
>Sent:  Saturday, September 27, 1997 8:40 PM
>Subject:       [TowerTalk] TVI Fliters???
>   Didnt think I would ever have to ask this question....But here it is....
>Who makes the best quality TVI filters??  High and Low Pass filters....
>I have a neighbor that just complained that I am trashing Channel 2 4 5...Not
>bad on the higher channels....And this is a NEW TV he said....Wonderful!!
>Need to try the filter trick first...After that, Ill look for my 20 acres now
>instead of next year....
>   Thanks!!     Rich  N7TR
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