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Subject: [TowerTalk] DX4Win
From: (Mike Walker)
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 13:58:34 -0400
At 05:38 PM 9/28/97 +0000, George Sereikas wrote:
>I have used DXBase, EQF and have moved to is tremendous 
>software and the service is great. Updates are free! Price is I 
>believe $69.95. I am using it with my 1000MP and it works great.
>Hope this helps!

I have been using Dx4win v1.08 (which works fine with my IC-756), but with
v1.10, I can't get it to communicate.  Can anyone who has a IC-756 (or
Icom of recent erra, like IC-706, 775) see if they can get the demo version
to function so that you can control the radio.  They guys at dx4win are
unable to debug this, and I am unable to get v1.10 to work on 2 different
machines (one win95, the other win 3.11).

There is no interrupt problem here (or nothing in the hardware setup).


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