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[TowerTalk] Guy Grips with Rohn Torque Arms

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Guy Grips with Rohn Torque Arms
From: Bill.Simpson@MCI.Com (Bill Simpson)
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 11:36 -0500 (CDT)
I am in the same situation with my towers. The only solution is to use a
shackle and then the 3/8 thimble. The down side is that the 1/2" shackles
are over $6 each. The only other solution is to use clamps on this connection
only which I have considered.

I put up a 120' 45G about 12 or 13 years ago and used the 1/4 thimbles and
have never had a problem one. The grips are still in great shape. At that
time I was not aware of the need to use this larger thimble. Perhaps it
is overkill or Rohn would be putting wider bars and consequently larger
holes in them to accomodate the thimbles. 

I am just putting the 1/4 inch thimbles in and letting it work like the
other tower has. 

Would like to know your decision.

Good luck and 73,

Bill N5CMI

Chuck wrote:
I thought I had my 2 tower erection project all ready when I noticed
some 1/4" thimbles in one of my Rohn 45 torque assemblys.  The hole
looked small so I tried a 3/8" thimble in it and sure enough, it was too
small to accept the 3/8" thimble.  Therefore I cannot use the 1.4"
preformed guy grips because the radius of a 1/4" thimble is too small.

Now I know that in the "old days" we never cared about the radius a guy
wire or a guy grip was going around, but I am trying to do it right this

Do I just "surrender" and use 1/4" clips with the 1/4" thimbles at the
torque bars?  (This is my soloution) or does anyone have a better
soloution where I can use grips at the torque arms?

Chuck, KZ5MM (ex: KE5FI)

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