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[TowerTalk] Guy Grips with Rohn Torque Arms

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Guy Grips with Rohn Torque Arms
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Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 21:55:25 -0400 (EDT)
I have found it worth going up another notch to the bigger thimbles....the
formation of the middle of the guy grip is not perfectly round/flat but has
some twist to it...if you can provide a wider torugh for it to lay in you are
better off....otherwise you find yourself using the screwdriver (there he
goes again) to walk the grip into the thimbles trough.....also:

The best thimbles I have found are from a local rigging supply
in Tampa they go by Certified Sling....I went in to buy a few thimbles and
asked for "thimbles"....5/16"........he did what no other clerk there had
done before - asked, "do you want the regular ones or the heavy duties"
response was - "I dunno  (a common response from em)  - didn''t know there
was a difference!"....he then said the words that made this tower hardware
geek a believer...."c'mon behind the counter and I will show you the
difference" was then that I saw tower erectors name it,
they had it.  Being a port city, Tampa has need for lots of rigging
stuff....these guys got the goods.

The point I was trying to make but typed myself out of, was that the Heavy
Duty Thimble is a beauty.....unlike the usual hardware store type thimble,
the trough on the HD has steep sides to it which keep the grips in
place....also they are made of a heavier gauge of comparison in
which you want - the choice is obvious....especially when the heavy duty were
only cents more than the routine ones....

Moral of the post....find yourself a place that sells rigging
addition to thimbles and turnbuckles they will have all kinds of neato keen
tower stuff like shackles for you torque bar guy guys.....not to mention
slings, is tower putter upper heaven.....almost like reading
K7LXC's catalogue!


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