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[TowerTalk] Cable break on MARB 550 US Tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Cable break on MARB 550 US Tower
From: (Rafael A Diaz)
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 02:02:19 -0400
Hello! i am new to this new group and to ham radio.
Ive only been at this for 6 years. But only started getting into hf
since the last 4 months. I have how ever been involved in putting up
towers, since i am a certified welder
of mig,tig,stick,gas. so some hams do call me to do work for them on
thier cage's. but found that some hams are not up to date on cable's for
crnbk up tower's. Which should be replaced every 5 years. unless you use
stainless steel cable.
if you do have to replace ur cable for ur tower consider using stainless
steel cable. once replaced you will just about never have to replace it
again.. ever!!
thank you for reading..
73 de kb2mym

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