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[TowerTalk] Right coax for my station?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Right coax for my station?
From: (Scott Neader KA9FOX)
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 1997 19:42:38 -0600
OK, guys, you aren't done with me yet!  The tower is up, and the beam is
pretty much ready to be raised to the top.  BUT, I still need to buy coax

Most guys I talk to are using RG-213 or are the hard core types with 7/8"
Heliax. I'm thinking about using Belden 9913F (tnx WE9V for the idea). It
is like the typical 9913, but instead of an air dialectric, it is filled...
and it is more flexible. 

About the install:  My tower is 72 feet tall and roughly 25 feet to the
radio room.  The C4XL beam takes two feed lines (one for 10-15-20, and one
for 40), plus I'll need runs for a two meter beam (and maybe 6m), and
whatever I decide to do for 80m and 160m.

My question is... is the 9913F overkill, especially for whatever I do on
80m and 160m (and maybe even 40m)?  Should I go with the cheaper RG-213 for
the lowbands?  The AES catalog has the 9913F for about 60 cents per foot,
compared to about 37 cents per foot for RG-213.  More info about the Belden

Per Belden, in latest AES catalog:


New 9913F High-Flex RF Transmission Cable:  This low-loss RG-8/U type
coaxial cable is a high-flex version of Belden's popular 9913.  It offers a
stranded center conductor for improved flexibility and flex life, a
patented high-flex cut and abrasion resistant jacket and a high felocity
foam insulation

* CENTER CONDUCTOR: 10 AWG (19x23) .108 bare copper (stranded)
* INSULATION TYPE: Foam Polyethylene (cellular polyethylene)
* SHIELD: Duobond II + 90% tinned copper braid; 100% foil shield
* DIAMETER: .405 inch
* LOSS PER 100 FT: 1.3db @ 100Mhz, 2.8db @ 400Mhz

Amateur Electronic Supply PRICE:
  100 feet roll:   .80 cents per foot ($ 79.95/roll)
  250 feet roll:   .64 cents per foot ($159.95/roll)
  500 foot roll:   .60 cents per foot ($299.95/roll)


Chad, WE9V, was nice enough to run these numbers for me, for comparison of
different cable types:

150' run on 10M, 1500 watts to coax:
7/8" 50 ohm     1439 out
3/4" catv       1371 out
9913            1202 out
RG-213           991 out
RG8X             778 out

For 80M, 150' run, 1500 watts
9913            1385 out
RG-213          1320 out
RG8X            1186 out

For 2M, 150' run, 50W to coax
7/8" 50 ohm       45 out
3/4" catv         40 out
9913              28 out
RG-213            19 out
RG8X              10 out


Thanks, in advance, for your advice!

73 - Scott KA9FOX
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