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[TowerTalk] RE: Some Thoughts and a Tower Question

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Subject: [TowerTalk] RE: Some Thoughts and a Tower Question
From: (Lee Buller)
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 10:02:20
You know...

I know this is a reflector for towers, antennas, grounding, guying, and
finding true north, but I "feel" we could give a little "grace" to people
when they think of something and have to get it off their chest.  I too
have a great passion for ham radio and it has impacted my life, and I want
it to survive for a long time. (I want to protect my investment.)  Lets not
stifle ideas.  You never know when a genius might show up "with the answer"
to all our questions.

Building towers and raising antennas and grounding stations, and guying
grips and turning the rotor to true north is all well and good and I enjoy
it, but lets not choke off the free flow of ideas and thought.  

I understand there is a place, and this might not the best place either,
but lets continue to have an open discussion about the future of the
service/hobby. On the other hand, lets not muck up the reflectors with doom
and gloom either.  I want to learn more about all this stuff

Now then, to ligitimize my post....

I am looking for a tripod, or better yet, a four legged tower to fit ontop
of the house.  Most of the Create and Martin products are mucho dollars.
(With one kid going to college and another a couple years away, I got
problems!  So what's new?)  What have other done out there for such a
device.  I had an old Windcharger tower, but sold it off years ago.  I
would like to look for something similar.  Anyone build anything like that

Lee Buller

"Instead of flames, throw 3-500Zs at where is that catchers mit?"

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