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[TowerTalk] RE: Some Thoughts and a Tower Question

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Subject: [TowerTalk] RE: Some Thoughts and a Tower Question
From: (Dick Flanagan)
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 1997 08:23:14 -0800
At 10:02 AM -0800 11/1/97, Lee Buller wrote:
>I understand there is a place, and this might not the best place either,
>but lets continue to have an open discussion about the future of the

I respectfully disagree, Lee.  If folks start using the TowerTalk (or DX or
BA or Contest or Heathkit or . . .) reflector to have "open discussions
about the future of the service/hobby," it will cease to be a viable
TowerTalk reflector.

A subject-specific reflector is valuable only if it remains
subject-specific.  I care as passionately as anyone about the Amateur radio
service and its future, but this is not where I come to discuss the
policies and politics of that future.  I come here to talk about towers and
antennas and the "N" word.

Those who wish to participate in policy and political discussions
concerning the future of Amateur Radio should subscribe to a reflector
where that is its charter.  Those who subscribe to this reflector may just
be here in an attempt to get away from those other kinds of discussions.
That's why there are so many different reflectors; so one can choose.  When
you ignore those charters, even for good reasons, you remove that choice.

Wow, pretty heavy stuff for a Saturday morning.  I think I'll go out and
work on my tower and antennas and see if I can locate one of the cardinal
compass directions.

Best to everyone on this first day of November.

73, Dick

Dick Flanagan W6OLD CFII Minden, Nevada (South of Reno)

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