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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: [Antennas] Unterminated Beverages
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Date: Sun, 02 Nov 1997 09:09:24 EST
On Sun, 2 Nov 1997 03:10:05 -0600 (Roderick M.
Fitz-Randolph) writes:
>I have two Beverages: one pointed to the NE and one to the SE.  They 
>originate in ICE baluns and are terminated at the far end with 450 
>Question:  Can I simply unterminate them and leave them as they are 
>have bidirectional Beverages?  Is there any adverse consequence other 
>the "front to back" ratio?  I'm trying to limit the number of these 

You didnt mention the wavelength and bands of interest Rod but:
- A bi-directional Beverage will show about a 3dB loss in its favored
direction compared to a terminated one. This is assuming a full wave on
160M. The loss goes up with frequency.

-  F/B is usually the prime reason to install a Beverage. If you are
prepared to give up a lot of SNR then unterminated is an option. Another
choice is a 2 wire affair ( which many have extreme difficulty getting to
work properly) or feeding the single wire from both ends. 

There is no free lunch on the low bands!

GL   Carl   KM1H

>Your comments welcome.
>Rod, N5HV

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