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[TowerTalk] C4XL Tuning

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Subject: [TowerTalk] C4XL Tuning
From: (Richard Thorne)
Date: Mon, 03 Nov 1997 18:36:28 -0800
Need some advice from experienced C4XL antenna users on tuning the 40
meter portion of the antenna. (C4 users could probably help to).

I have my antenna ready to go at the base of the tower.  I raised the
antenna to about 15' off the ground and attempted to tune the reflector
so it would reasonate at 6.9mhz.  However, the lowest dip I could get
on the mfj analyzer was 3 to 1 at 7.3 mhz.  So I'm assuming the low
height and the close guy wires is screwing things up.

So, the question is, how accurate are the settings given in the
construction book?  Its going to be a bear to get the antenna to the
top of the tower and want to keep the up and down to a minimum.  The
antenna is going to be at 60' above my office building roof and will
be the only antenna mounted at the apex.  No stacking of other antennas.

Thanks in advance.

Rich Thorne - WB5M
Amarillo, TX

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