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[TowerTalk] quads and loaded dipoles

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Subject: [TowerTalk] quads and loaded dipoles
From: (Danny MEES)
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 1997 16:33:30 +0100
About 3 months ago I put up a Cubex 3L 5 band quad on a 52ft tower.
Used to have a Mosley PRO67b before...
Im planning to put a loaded 40 m dipole at the end of the boom , parallel
to the quad reflector..
I modeled the whole set-up thru NEC2 and according to NW , interaction
with 15 and 12m will be limited.
Tried adding a 2nd element for 40m but this interacts vy heavy with 15&12m.

GL with the project Joe.

73 de ON7NQ Danny.

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Datum: maandag 3 november 1997 12:14
Onderwerp: [TowerTalk] quads and loaded dipoles

>I am going to put up a 10 through 20 meter quad on my 50 foot tower.  Any
>ideas on what would happen if I stuck a cushcraft loaded rotatable dipole
>40 meters up there with it where the dipole was actually inside the quad?
>Joe N8TI
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