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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: crank up towers
From: (David L. Thompson)
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 22:32:32 -0500 (EST)
At 11:19 PM 11/4/97 -0500, K4VUD wrote:
>For a city lot and a single tower set-up a correctly installed crank-down
>tower is the best choice, most friendly with neighbors, easiest
>installation (tower and antennas), safer in bad weather, etc etc.

I agree..I have had my Tristao (now US Tower) 71' crank up since 1969 (Paid
Henry Radio (Bob Henry, Butler, MO) nearly $600 for it and the tilt over
fixture.  It has been installed at 4 locations in two states.  I had Lou
Tristao put guy rings on it for me so it would hold more antennas in strong
winds.  Present set up is 2 el 12 meter X beam at 70', KT34XA at 76', 2 el
Cushcraft 40 at 86.5' and AEA ISOPOLE 2 meter with tip at 101'.  All
antennas are either install on the roof or partially installed when I crank
it down and tilt it over.  Main improvement I would make is to motorize it
altho I remember the guy raising his roof when coax caught under the eve of
his roof as he raised his tower.

I have re-cabled it once and replaced the winch several years ago when the
original froze up.  I did have the bottom cable snap on me once, but I use 
steel rods to stop a possible free downfall.  Bill Wall KC4UZ came to the
rescue with his cum-along.

I have considered replacing it with Rohn 45 or even a Rohn RTP.  But then I
look at one of the 89' motorized jobbies and say that would be the way to go.

I have nearly 25 plaques and 300 certificates from mostly DX contests (ARRL,
WPX, CQ WW, etc) so it plays especially for 1/2 acre that includes the
house.  I had a 50' telephone pole before so with 40 years the only
stack/guyed towers ever used were on FD or a Dxpedition.

Steve has some points that crank up users need to follow.  Maintain the
tower, DON'T CLIMB IT, and use safety measures when raising and lowering it.

73, Dave K4JRB/W4BCV  ex K5MDX, VP2MDX 
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