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[TowerTalk] Use of Braid

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Use of Braid
From: (Roderick M. Fitz-Randolph)
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 14:20:00 -0600
I apologize to all.  It was not at all clear to readers that the
PolyPhaser devices in this instance were to be installed at the
hamshack immediately after the coax comes into the hamshack from
the tower which is 250 feet from the hamshack.  The tower is very
well grounded with 6 each 8 foot ground rods 16 feet apart with
copper sulphate saturated earth around each.  The ground rods are
connected to each of the tower legs via compression fittings by
no. 2 or no. 4 wire (can't remember which but it is BIG) and the
joints are well annointed with Penetrox A.

The distance to the outside grounding system from the plate, to
which the PolyPhaser devices are connected, is only 6 feet.  The
grounding system at the outside wall of the hamshack is separate
from the grounding system of the tower (on advice from PolyPhaser).

I am only concerned as to the suitability of the tinned copper braid,
not whether or not copper braid is acceptable.  I will augment the
braid with a no. 4 copper wire.  The braid is simply to minimize
the inductance from the PolyPhaser devices to the outside grounding

My apologies for not making the situation clear.

Rod, N5HV

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