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[TowerTalk] software for DCU-1

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Subject: [TowerTalk] software for DCU-1
From: (Paul Spencer)
Date: Thu, 06 Nov 1997 21:11:06 -0600
At 11:27 AM 11/3/97 +0000, Michael McLaughlin wrote:
>I was wondering if anyone had the software for the Hy-gian DCU-1 rotor
>controller,that could send me a copy of it viva e-mail.Thank you all.
>                                    Mike Mclaughlin    K5QF

You can download a FREE sample program ( that will allow
computer-control of DCU-1 through serial port at: 

Select "downloads" and then "sample rig and rotor control program."  I
understand DX4WINDOWS is coming out with a new version that has DCU-1
control; it's approx $70.00, however.

73,     Paul Spencer, KA0JDM
        Pigeon Falls, WI   (where everyone's important)

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