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Date: Fri, 7 Nov 1997 10:35:22 -0500 (EST)
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>  Works better if you silver solder
>  the connections, but I have also gotten away with clamps.

    Silver soldering or brazing a transmitting antenna ground system is
mostly okay as are good mechanical compression connections. Use of an
antioxidant is highly recommended.

    For a lightning protection system, DO NOT solder anything. One direct or
even indirect hit will heat everything up enough to melt the solder - no more
ground system. See my previous post about compression or exothermic bonding. 

     A reprint of my article on 'grounding systems for hams' is available for
an SASE. Send to TOWER TECH, Box 572, Woodinville, WA, 98072.

73,  Steve  K7LXC

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