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>One evening, a nun went into a liquor store and started looking around. When
>there was no left in the store, she went up to the cashier and pointing at a
>bottle of whiskey on the shelf behind him, said "Give me a bottle of that
>stuff, please."
>"I can't sell you a bottle of whiskey, sister.  I wouldn't feel right
>selling it to you."
>"What if I told you it was for medicinal purposes?" she asked.
>"Medicinal purposes?"
>"Yes, Mother Superior's constipation!"
>"I suppose, since it's for medicinal purposes, it'd be okay!"  With that he
>sold her a bottle of whiskey.  She took it, left, and he returned to
>stocking soon forgetting about the nun and her purchase. Later that night,
>at closing, he was locking up when he noticed this same nun, obviously
>drunk, hanging on the lamp post across the street, swinging the empty
>whiskey bottle around and singing.
>He walked up to her and said "Sister, you lied to me!!!"
>"No, I didn't!"
>"Yes, you did!  You told me the whiskey was for Mother Superior's
>With that the nun smiled and said "Well, you think Mother Superior ain't
>gonna shit when she sees me like this?"
Scott Millick K9SM
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'It's hard to be humble when you're as great as I am.'

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