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[TowerTalk] Yagi gain

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Yagi gain
From: (Frank T. Brady)
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 1997 20:54:33 -0800
What a *great* idea!

And there would be no need to spend money purchasing antennas or wasting
time testing overblown claims.

Just solicit the manufactures for a loan of their antennas to test and list
the models whose manufacturers balked - poof, there goes the chaff.

 Frank T. Brady - W0ECS

Dale wrote:
>You bring up an interesting point.  Periodically, at different locations 
>around the country, there is something called a mobile shoot-out.  The
>mobile operators gather and run antenna tests with their various 
>mobile antenna types.  I think they use a common wattmeter to 
>set the power level to a common level and fixed locations for the 
>source and receiver/measuring unit.  
>It would seem to me their results might be somewhat consistent. 
>Why could something similar not be done at some of the larger 
>contest stations which may have a variety of different antennas?  
>Where some popular antennas are missing, maybe they could 
>be made available from club members or even the manufacturers 
>Heck, I've heard of some clubs on the east coast that have upwards
>of a couple of hundred members.  It would seem to me that at any
>one time, there would be a couple of different beam antennas on 
>the ground for one reason or another and might lend themselves
>to being placed on reference tower and applied with a reference
>power level and received at a reference site with a reference antenna,
>reference receiver, and reference measuring and recording device.
>That would be very interesting.....
>Dale Martin, KG5U
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