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[TowerTalk] HF beam against the wind.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] HF beam against the wind.
From: (Rick Dougherty NQ4I)
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 1997 15:53:51 -0500
Hi Roger...this principle only works well with smaller and symetrical practice when you have a long boom most computer
designed arrays that have the reflector, driven element and first directors
lumped together (ala K6STI's YO program) the wind loading becomes mucjh
more of a factor...I have found that using ur method of havin the element
tips into the wind causes the boom to bend and flex abnormally...if you
were to release the brake, the antenna would weathervane into the it would align itself with the elements headed into the
wind....some amateurs like W0UN who live in a high wind area like Colorado
have made vanes that attach above the boom and help to keep the antenna
aligned into the wind....hope this helps answer the question de Rick NQ4I

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