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[TowerTalk] Schedule 40 saga

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Schedule 40 saga
From: (Stan Stockton)
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 23:46:54 -0600
Dennis Schaefer wrote:

> "Schedule 40, etc" did not seem to be acceptable, and was sometimes
> referred to as "water pipe".   


For years I have used Schedule 40 1.5" (1.900" OD) galvanized water pipe
for masts. I think there cannot be a problem if the antenna is within a
couple of feet of the top of the tower. 

If I am stacking antennas such as my little Cushcraft 2 Element 40 which
is about 10-12 Ft above a 4 Element 20, I'll telescope a Schedule 40
1.00" galvanized water pipe inside the 1.5" one and drill and pin them
near the top with  1/2 inch bolt.  This makes for a VERY heavy mast that
I think (no basis other than 30 years of no problems) will stand a lot
of wind/flex.  The last time I checked I couldn't find Schedule 80 that
was galvanized.  Besides the 1" inside the 1.5" appears to be stronger.

I would not put a very large antenna very far above the top of the tower
regardless of what mast I was using and I definitely wouldn't have an
installation that required that I worry about which way the wind was
blowing relative to the direction of the antenna...

Stan K5GO (Harrison, AR)

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