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[TowerTalk] Schedule 40 saga

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Schedule 40 saga
From: (Gerald Caouette)
Date: Sun, 09 Nov 1997 00:49:20 -0800
Dennis Schaefer wrote:
> I needed a piece of steel mast.  I am using a Hazer and need about 2 feet
> out of the Hazer to clear the top of the tower and about 3 more feet to get
> the KT-34A a respectable height above the tower.  A few more feet above the
> beam could hold a 2 meter antenna or something light.  I'm not going to try
> to stack very much on the Hazer.  I thought surely I could find an
> acceptable piece of steel tubing locally.
> The first thing I did was go back through Towertalk archives.  I found that
> "Schedule 40, etc" did not seem to be acceptable, and was sometimes
> referred to as "water pipe".   I saw messages about the MARC program and
> realized that I should have ordered it a long time ago.  I decided that for
> my application, chrome-moly was not necessary if I could find a good grade
> of structural tubing.  This led to some surprising conversations.
> First, I went to a local steel distributor.  I had never been there, and
> was surprised to find a large firm that appeared to employ almost 100
> people.  The sales rep. told me that they mainly fabricate  things, and
> they do business all over the U.S.  He would be glad to sell me a piece of
> tubing (pipe) though.  I showed him an ad from Texas Towers (2", high
> carbon steel, 79,000 psi yield) and told him that was what I wanted.  "Oh,
> what you need is Schedule 40", he said.   I asked him if they didn't have
> anything better, and he assured me that Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 were
> all they used, and their structures carried extremely heavy loads, as well
> as human beings.  I asked about the psi yield rating, and he waffled a
> little.  "We are only concerned about downward pressure, dead weight
> capacity.  We don't really have a spec for the wind loading stuff you are
> talking about".
> Anyway, I was surprised to hear that Schedule 40 was considered by some to
> be structural material, even if the specs I wanted were not available.
> He gave me the exact dimensions for the Schedule 40 and 80 pipe, and I
> left.  I looked in the Glen Martin (Hazer) catalog, and saw they had mast
> tubing at a very attractive price.  I also noticed that the dimensions
> looked strangely familiar.  I called them and, yes, it was Schedule 40!
> They said I could probably get it locally and save the shipping charges.
> They also told me that UPS could ship up to 9 feet lengths.  I thought the
> limit was 7 feet.  If Texas Towers has a 9 foot mast, maybe I'll just order
> one.  Or maybe the  truck freight charges on a 10 footer won't be more than
> I am willing to pay. (Or - TT is only a 6 hr drive - and I could also visit
> some computer stores!)   Maybe K5RC has some input for me, also.
> I don't think I am presenting any new information here, or really asking
> any questions, but it was an interesting afternoon.
> 73,
> Dennis,


The definition of schedule 40 or schedule 80  is only the dimensions 
of the tubing to meet a standard size. IT'S THE MATERIAL THAT 
Galvanized water pipe  is not the same as  4140 or 4145  or other 
grades of steel   

I prefer 2" or 2.5" Schedule 80  seamless Aluminum Tubing for masting
much lighter but more expensive.


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