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Subject: [TowerTalk] Water pipe
From: (Dennis Schaefer)
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 13:54:44 -0600
I didn't intend to send a copy to the reflector, but message to Stan was

At 07:59 AM 11/11/97 -0600, Stan Stockton wrote:
>I need some clarification in order to understand the comments about
>"pinning" the mast.

I think the guys misunderstood what you were talking about.  I had thought
of doing the same thing.  As you said, pinning the masts  is mainly to keep
them together.  If not pinned, looks like the smaller "inner" mast would
just sit on top of the rotator housing.  

However, it looks like this would add strength against a straight
"overturning" force, but the inner mast probably would do not good at all
against a "twisting" force and the resulting torque unless it was pinned at
both the top and bottom, and the resulting holes might take away part of
the advantage.  Maybe if they were welded at top and bottom?  Anyway, if
Chris used this configuration and it bent, maybe only the $20.00 per foot
stuff is an absolute guarantee.

Dennis,  W5RZ

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