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[TowerTalk] Cushcraft 40 meter Beam ???

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Cushcraft 40 meter Beam ???
From: (Kenneth Mathews)
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 97 00:03:08 PST
I have a forty meter two element cushcraft beam on 160 foot Rohn 45 
tower, newly mounted. It checked using an MFJ 259 at 1.1 to 1 at 
7.100 mhz on the ground at ten feet on a test tower. Now after raising 
to 160 feet it checks 2.5 to 1 at 7.200 mhz, with no real match 
anywhere near forty meters. Now it has been taken down and checked 
from elbow to you know where and it is still at the correct settings for 
the book and checked good on the same MFJ meter. Then it went 
backup to 160 feet and you guessed it it now is at 2.5 to 1 and doesn't 
show a big dip on the meter.
Question the antenna is notgrounded well to the tower yet it is 
suspended by the bearing plate and clamps above the bearing, could it 
not being grounded to the tower be causing the interaction or what?
Any Ideas please post here, as we have several friends trying to sort 
this out. Ideas or suggestions are appreaciated. 
Thanks and 73
Ken ( gettin tried of climbing)

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