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[TowerTalk] Keeping Beverages Straight?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Keeping Beverages Straight?
From: (Mike Walker)
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 10:57:23 -0500

I have to agree.  We run our 1000ft beverage (measured with a GPS so, plus
and minus SA) through the woods, and terminated at each end.  This one of
those things where you don't need to measure it with a micrometer...just do

Mike VA3MW

At 02:44 PM 12/11/97, Richard L. King wrote:
>At 08:40 PM 11/11/97 -0500, W4AN wrote:
>>I think I am doing an OK job of keeping my beverages straight.  But much of 
>>it is done by trial and error.  I string a beverage... start walking back 
>>to the feedpoint and realize that I made a few degree turn at some point 
>>during the run.  My problem is that the woods are so thick that I can't get 
>>a bearing on anything far away.  My compass (low quality) hasn't been much 
>>help either.  Maybe I need a new one?  Any other suggestions appreciated.
>>Bill, W4AN
>Good morning Bill.
>In New York I had six beverages running through thick woods up and down
>over ridges, etc. I ran them by setting up the roll of wire on sawhorses so
>that I could pull it out easily. Then with my trusty 40-year-old boy scout
>compass and the end of the wire over my shoulder, I would start pulling it
>through the woods.
>From the starting point I would use the compass to sight the furthest tree
>I wanted to go towards. Along the way I would lay the wire over limbs to
>keep it off the ground. When I reached my target tree, I would again use
>the compass to sight another tree as far away as possible (remember that
>these were thick woods). Eventually I got to where I couldn't go further
>(Usually streams or cliffs).
>The beverages all worked excellent. Yes, there were wiggles and bends. But
>the overall direction was consistent and I could hear things that I
>couldn't hear on the transmit antenna. The beverages (all terminated) had
>excellent front to back, front to side, etc.
>If you are a purist, then you might prefer to clear a few acres of flat
>terrain and run the beverages straight as an arrow. They will work a little
>better that way but not enough to make it worth your while, especially at
>your QTH.
>Good luck.
>73, Richard

Mike Walker VA3MW
Corbeil Contest Club

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