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[TowerTalk] Deutshce Welle's tower and antenna

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Deutshce Welle's tower and antenna
From: (ralph h young)
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 19:25:50 -0500
The November 1997 issue of Monitoring Times has a front cover picture and
internal article on Deutsche Welles's rotating curtain array short wave
broadcast antenna/tower. It looks like the main elements consist of 16
elements (steel dipoles).  The main tower rotates and I'd guess the beam
pattern is also steerable for variable takeoff angle.  A close look at the
front cover picture shows what looks to me to be a small cooling tower to
the side of the antenna tower base.  Shades of my old Alpha 70V vapor cooled

A picture inside the magazine shows at least two of these antennas.  Each
antenna has a 500KW transmitter.  The antennas are located West of Berlin.

Do any of our German friends have any gain, frequency coverage, or tower
information on these beauties?

I'd really be N4TopGun with a few of these in my yard. I quess I'd have to
discuss with my neighbors whether or not I put them right in the middle of
the yard next to the house or back in the back with my one pine tree.  That
might be more acceptable to them. Imagine paying for the PE stamp and the
lawyer's fees to get these approved by your zoning board!  In my dreams!

Ralph N4TG 

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