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[TowerTalk] C4XL Results

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Subject: [TowerTalk] C4XL Results
From: (Michael McLaughlin)
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 11:21:39 +0000
HI Charles,
Look I did pick up a C4XL here.Its not all together because of an ups scewup
on the boom(crushed it).I just wanted you to know that if you wrer worried abt
the tuning you could set it up in DX expex mood which you put the base of the
rivet (not the head)into the holes and put tape over it.Also Force12 has other
holds drill in to the element sections so that you can adjust it without
drilling new holes.Have a nice day            K5QF Mike McLaughlin

Charles H. Harpole wrote:

> If I were to purchase a beam kit that had riveted elements ,  and I put it
> all together as per factory directions, including putting in the rivets,
> and then I discovered that the beam was not "right on" --- I would be
> royally pi---ed and angry as well.  Bad enuf to try to change hose
> clamped
> elements, but drilling a new hole, etc.  would really honk me off ,
> especially if the beam came so highly touted, and I followed the factory
> directions to the letter.  Too many stories of post-construction re-tuning
> for me.  de K4VUD
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