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Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 09:53:57 -0500 (EST)
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> I have a Hygain CD45-II rotor which turns an A3S.  I have problems
>  getting the brake to release, especially but not limited to cold
>  weather.  Was rebuilt by Hygain 3 years ago, and evidently needs
>  to go back again.
>  Questions are:
>  Any ideas what may be causing this, and what I might do to fix it?

      Hmm. The CD45 has a disc brake. Call the Rotor Doc ( I
think) or Norm's ( for more
specific info and professional advice.

    Normally, a sticking brake on the Ham IV or T2X had more to do with the
design of the brake than anything else. Upgrading to the latest design
usually helped. I don't know much about the CD45 disc brake.
>  Does a brake-delay kit, such as offered by Norm's or RotorDoc,
>  really help to reduce brake problems?
     This only controls the TIME of the brake actuation, not the actual
mechanical operation. As long as you let the rotator coast to a stop before
engaging the brake, you've done about as much as you can do and served the
same function as the brake-delay. I've found the brake-delay to be VERY
valuable when you have guest oprs in for a contest. It's a brake saver!

>  I might ask Santa Claus to assist on the cost of an ORION rotor.
>  Boy, at their price it ought to really be good!  Who is using one
>  and would care to comment, pro and con, on the ORION OR-2800?
     The Orion IMO is second only to a prop pitch for ham rotator use. While
a james dandy rotator with wormgear drive, splined output shaft and the
heftiest mast clamp in the business, it is WAY overkill for your A3. It would
be like using a D8 cat to pull your home wheelbarrow around the yard. OTOH,
I'll never discourage anyone from over-engineering their tower and antenna

    If you really WANT to spend some money on your system, get a Force 12 C-4
to replace your A3. You get 12, 17 and 40M coverage and you can turn it with
your CD45.

73 and GL,  Steve  K7LXC

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