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Subject: [TowerTalk] Mosley TESTS
From: (Bill Loviska)
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 16:40:37 -0500
The other day a friend paid me a visit and mentioned a "0 dBd gain on 10
test" posting. We laughed and I got out the calculator to see how many
dBi that figured out to. We then thought it might be a good idea to go
ask a local ham, who has a Mosely Pro, what he thought. Being one of
only a handful of Mosley Pro antennas in existence, we thought a good
comparison would be EVERYONE ELSE (other beams). We asked the owner if
we could play with the station for a bit, there was a dipole up for SS,
and a vertical. We also had a chance to look at some results from past

The Mosley did show gain over the dipole, cool. It also showed gain over
the vertical, in answer to any lingering dBi questions that I might have
had. It is still open to conjecture as to which test is in error, ours
or the original poster's.

Now for the Mosley vs EVERYONE ELSE (other beams) part. Most of the
"TEST" results were piled in the corner. Grabbing a few off of the top
resulted in; 2 plaques for ARRL DX TESTS '96 (1st SSB, 1st Combined
Score), 3rd place ARRL DX TEST '97, top 10 SS CW '96, ARRL 10 Meter TEST
'94 1st W/VE LP (also beat HP in world), 1st in 10 Meter TEST '95 LP,
some CQ WW/WPX TEST certificates. Not the most scientific method, but
one most can understand. In an attempt to skew the data a variable was
added, change the operator. Insert one that is over the hill, has been
away from radio for a decade, logs with Roller Ball (tm) and paper AND
DOESN'T KNOW THE ANTENNA HAS "0 dBd gain on 10". The results of this
TEST? In spite of what was printed in QST (Bruce was QRO), 1st Place
W/VE LP CW '96 (see certificate in pile in corner). Now, the Mosley
wasn't the only antenna used in this section/division, LP, but it did
place ahead of the other brands. 
To paraphrase Steve, "it must be working FB".

At least one Mosley owner knows, in spite of continued remarks against
his antenna, it plays well on the advertised bands.

Bill  N4RN

BTW: I too have a theory. If I were to selling a particular line of
antennas, I would say other brands were less desirable. It's good for
business, that's the bottom line. And, if I say it long enough someone
might believe me $$$.

> I have a theory about why PRO Mosley owners think their antennas work FB.
>First, they usually don't have anything to compare it to. No reference
>or other yagi so the fact that they are able to work DX, their buddies,
>must mean that it's working FB.

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