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[TowerTalk] Previous Mosley post. Warning: Very friendly comments

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Previous Mosley post. Warning: Very friendly comments
From: (Hank Kahrs)
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 14:00:48 -0600
Re: Another Happy Owner!

>The biggest fault with the pro series, especially on the lower bands (40)
is >f/b.

Living on the Northern Gulf of Mexico, I havent found this to be problem.
Others may...YMMV.  But it it true.

> If you, like I, am
>'xyl' limited to ONE tower and ONE beam then go for the gusto...the PRO does a
>great job. If you're NOT limited then put up beams and towers. There is no
>substitute for a monobander. They win everytime.

Here! Here! That is exactly why I have mine.

One thing additional.  It is well built.  Mine has survived two near direct
hits with hurricanes (Opal and Erin coasted in abot 20 mile west of the
QTH).  Opal had winds reported 125 with gusts to 144mph (local AFB).  The
tower was cranked down and the antenna spent more time concave up than
concave down.

Everyone must evaluate their goals and limits and then live within them.
The PRO-67B is a great compromise antenna and works right nice for me.

73, Hank/K2UVG

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