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[TowerTalk] The Sky is Compliantly Falling

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Subject: [TowerTalk] The Sky is Compliantly Falling
From: (Stan Griffiths)
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 03:57:25 -0800 (PST)
>> Wait until the network  news runs a picture 
>> of a tri-bander and says "Ham Radio and Breast Cancer" news at 11"....
>> ..
>> We need to be prepared to deal with this ....
>> Jim WB2TPS
>Let's think this through, lads...I think there's more possibilities in
>being prepared to point out that if the over-reactive amongst us wish to
>live in an 99-44/100% RF-free environment then they will HAVE to do
>1) Cellular and Cordless phones - that should do it right there, but if
>                                 not...
>2) Broadcast TV (i.e., the free kind) - no "Baywatch"? fuggidaboudit...
>3) AM and FM radio
>4) Public Safety two-way radio
>and so on...not even addressing the power-line issue...
>Anyone paying attention to pollution-control efforts will have noted that
>the general public is perfectly willing to require anything as long as
>they don't have to ante up or sacrifice anything personally.  "Mr. 
>Smokestack, you have to go, but I still need three oversized cars and will
>drive two blocks rather than, uh, you know...walk, ugh.

>From what I see around here, Ward, Mr. Smokestack HAS disappeared and the
cars are still here.  Nobody said it made logical sense.  There is a LOT of
yelling right now about towers, mostly cell towers and the like, but NOBODY
is saying anything about the thousands of utility poles that are EVERY BIT
as unsightly.  Why?  Because people understand that must have utility poles
to sustain their life style.  Many people's life style does not include a
cell phone or a pager so they still do not regard these items as
"necessary".  Therfore, cell antennas are not necessary, either.  Ham towers
are ONLY necessary to hams and there are way too few of us to win a battle
with the general public about it.  I can see where it is entirely possible
for hams to be persecuted out of existance but the other services using RF
will go on as usual.  Down here where I live, every car in Washington,
Multnomah, and Clackamas Counties must pass a pollution test.  Deisels are
exempt . . .  That means no trucks or busses have to pass anything.  I don't
believe for a second that they don't pollute.  You can SEE it.  So when it
comes to government regulations, they are NOT required to make sense.  What
I don't understand is why you believe good sense will prevail in the RF wars
. . .


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