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[TowerTalk] TH-6 vs. TH-7 vs. TA-36

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Subject: [TowerTalk] TH-6 vs. TH-7 vs. TA-36
From: (Lee Buller)
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 16:30:13 -0600
>Bob   -  Telex /Hy-gain  Sells the parts to convert the TH6 to a TH7  and
at one time Sold a Kit to do just that.  So if a properly converted TH6
antenna  is a TH7 then they would be equal ( conversion requires changes iin
the placement of the driven Elements and the moving of one of the 10 meter
elements. I looked at converting my TH6DXX to a TH7DX  and in the end chose
to leave it as a TH6
as the existing band width  and gain figures meet my needs.

For further information I suggest you contact Telex Hy-gain for the
conversion manual  # 392S


I have done the same thing too.  Converted a TH6 to a TH7.  Worked slick,
but just gave me wider bandwidth.  The beam worked the same of course.
Hygain doesn't offer this upgrade anymore because it isn't cost effective.
I purchased my upgrade for $139 back in 1983.  I checked last year and the
cost was over $700.  What's the point?  Buy a new one.  Gain stays the same.
I think Hygain did this to satisfy the solid state rigs.  Then, someone had
a bright idea to put a tuner in the solid state rig.  No need for that kind
of antenna.  Works slick, but doesn't give you more gain.

I have a TH6 which I will match with any TH7 or KT34XA.  I also have a TA33
which is a great little yagi for what it is.


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