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[TowerTalk] TH-6 to TH-7 Conversion

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Subject: [TowerTalk] TH-6 to TH-7 Conversion
From: (Bob Perring)
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 19:30:00 -0600
At 17:46 11/17/97 -0700, Tom Mattus wrote:
>I've been reading with great interest all the info concerning this 6
to 7
>element conversion and decided to contact Hygain. They do not have
that kit
>available any longer, by the way the most recent price they told me was
>$300.00...!!! But, they will send the documentation and parts list to do
>the conversion for free. They also will sell the traps for aprox $33.00
>each. So get the traps and scrounge the aluminum and your cookin'...
Ok, so Tom, and please, others who might have a thought on this.
If I buy 4 traps (2 for first reflector) (2 for last director) and stay
with the Mosley driven element, I will have a TH-6, as long as I locate
each element on the same boom location as a TH-6 and size the 3 full
size element lengths the same as a TH-6,  ...........................

Better yet, as a question........ Will I have a better antenna for gain
and F/B ??

Again, my hard question is ......... How can we know for sure which
antenna was the more properly optimized for 6 elements on a 24' boom?
We can certainly analyze "perceived" contruction strength and
"perceived" performance, but how can we be sure that the boys at
Hy-Gain or old Carl Mosely knew what they were really doing for their
optimizations of  element resonance values/lengths and element to boom
placement locations ?

Am I getting out of hand here ?
I hate it when I get off on a tangent this way !


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