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[TowerTalk] Stealth Wire Vertical

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Stealth Wire Vertical
From: (Lane C. Zeitler)
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 21:27:53 -0800
Concerning the Top Band antenna. Thanks to all who responded. Due to this
being an issue of safety I have decided to do some more research and hold
off on the original idea. Running the wire through and over the top of the
pine tree is not wise due to the high voltages present with this kind of
power (near legal limit) at the end of the 1/4 wave elements. My neigbhor
would not be happy nor would my normally loving wife if I started the block
on fire.

If I was just running barefoot it wouldn't be such a risk but I think we
all have a good idea of how dry a pine tree can get in Southern California
: (

So I am back to the original problem: 

1. No tower to hang wires from 
2. Prefer to roll my own although the CTSVR Uni-Hat product looks like a
winner but, no offense Ed,  I just can't see spending that kind of dough
for a "vertical"

One fellow recommended using the old Radio Shack style 36' self supporting
telescopic TV mast as the lower part of a self-supporting vertical using
another 30' of tapered aluminum added to the top for a total of a physical
1/8 wave long base loaded vertical. I'd love to top load this but I believe
I wouldn't be able to walk it up with the top loading wires attached due to
the weight of the wire. It would bend over like a wet noodle.

Comments welcome. Thanks again to all that submitted their inputs.
Remember: Safety first. 

Very Urban San Diego

> From: Lane C. Zeitler <>
> To:;
> Subject: [TowerTalk] Stealth Wire Vertical
To: <>
> Date: Sunday, November 16, 1997 8:06 PM
> Gentlemen,
> I have a 50 foot + pine tree in my front yard that I would like to throw
> wire over for an "invisible" wire vertical. The bottom end of the wire
> would be on my roof (radial end). The wire would be angled slightly at
> about 30 degrees so the actual length of the wire to the top of the tree
> would be approximately 70 feet. I COULD (optional) continue on to the
> side of the tree and attach to a street lamp post about 25 feet tall
> is made out of concrete and located in the very front corner of my yard.
> would look like an upside down inverted vee if I ran it this way. All
> utilities are buried here. I would end up with something like this:
>                                    ^     apex ~ 50 feet
>                                  /    \
>                                /        \
>                                 /                 \
>               about 70' >    /    tree's      \       < about 30'
>               this leg             /          in           \        this leg
>                          /      here           \
>                        /      (not N6TR)      \
>                          /                    street lamp pole here 
> (everything
> 16' above ground         /                            is underground) about 
> 25' tall
>  here on roof >>>      /   < <Radials go here
>       ------------------------------------
>       |                       |
>       |     KM3G's HOUSE      |
>       |                           |           
>       ------------------------------------            
> How small of a gauge can I go and still xmit with ~ 1300 watts from my
> reliable L4-B (converted to 160)??
> Comments, opinions, and subjections most welcome. Flames okay just don't
> curse : )  : )
> Lane
> KM3G
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