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Subject: [TowerTalk] foam
From: (henry gillow-wiles)
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 07:58:23 -0800
there are 2 kinds, expanding and non-expanding. they both grow while
curing, but the non-expanding does this much less. the expanding will get
MUCH bigger, so be careful. i have used this stuff around coax for 5 years
and have had no problems with the pvc covering. the foam will degrade with
uv exposure. it will last about 2-3 years and then turn yellow and
crumbley. paint it for outside appilcations. when cured, it can be cut with
a knife or saw, drilled for new hole (just foam it again to plug up leaks)
or scraped off windows with a razor blade. it is, however, the stickiest
stuff in the world while wet. it will stick to anything with GREAT gusto.
wear those cheap plastic gloves, or be prepared to wear the stuff for about
a week. i have coveralls that have 4 year old foam on them. it's a
permanent part of the fabric. one last thing. i have never had a partialy
used can be any good when i went back to use it, if the interval was more
than a few days. use it or loose it 
good luck and have fun.  henry

p.s. the left over stuff is fun to make sculptures with
henry gillow-wiles

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