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[TowerTalk] Force 12: rivets, hardware

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Force 12: rivets, hardware
From: (Joe E. Mesh)
Date: 19 Nov 97 03:10
>> The result is a strong element that will flex, 
but not vibrate in light winds, a common problem with most element
designs.  The solution is to add rope inside the element as a dampener.

The solution to this light wind harmonic vibration is element dampening
with enclosed ropes?  I have seen this done many times in old Telrex
installations I have disassembled.   Typically owners installed jute
ropes inside the elements of the 20m antennas.   I have always wondered
if this was actually valuable.   The ropes themselves are universally
wet and heavy with water content.   They tend to move over the years and
collect to one end of the element or the other thus greatly upsetting
the mechanical static balance of the structure.   This has always
concerned me.

What are your recommendations from your years of experience on this
concept of rope inside of elements?

Thanks again for the fine advice!
Joe / W8SS.....

Thanks....Joe E. Mesh, D.M.D.,C.A.G.S.(Prosthodontics)
from Beautiful Downtown HELL, Michigan USA
11/19/97      03:10       
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