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Subject: [TowerTalk] Expanding Foam
From: (Lee Buller)
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 11:24:05 -0600
At 12:07 PM 11/19/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi Gang,
>I am reading all the posts about expanding foam that fills all the air
>gaps in the hole you make in the side of your home to bring in coax and
>control lines. The expanding foam spray has one serious drawback... the
>next time you go to add or remove a cable... you have a mess of
>crumbling foam on your hands.
>I believe I've solved the problem with my 3-inch hole for cabling... by
>stuffing the hole with newspapers.  This lasted quite a while.  After
>all, we only want to limit the ingress of air and insects. The next
>time I added a cable I got an even better idea. I had several pieces of
>foam rubber packing material laying around... the stuff that lines
>camera cases or is used for shipping computer hard drives. I stuffed
>the hole with this stuff and it is simply "wonderful."  It's easily
>removed, no mess, and easily replaced.  No big deal. You can also buy
>foam weatherstripping to do the same job.
>All the cables that enter this hole have a semi-circular "drip loop"
>whereby they must rise since they approach the hole from below. This
>keeps water from running down the cables into the foam. Little "drip
>strings" can be added to the bottom of each cable to drain water...
>although I haven't found this necessary.
>Lastly, to keep water out of the hole I place a sheet of white aluminum
>siding in the bottom lip of the siding just above the hole and let it
>hang there covering the hole and the coax coming in from the sides. You
>can easily substitute aluminum roofing flashing obtained in Home Depot.
>With this method... I don't worry about messy caulking the hole,
>crumbling hardened expandable foam, insects and water or air ingress.
>The hole, which is made large enough to remove cables with 8-pin Cinch
>Jones connectors on my rotor control box wiring... can easily be
>accessed for any new cabling.  So simple.  Now all I have to start
>thinking about is a lightning bulkhead. There's always something to do!
>Hope I've been helpful. Your on-line coments and suggestions are always
> too.

I am using this method right now with a slight change that is easier.  I
have a 4" PVC flange coming in the wall of the shack that is used for a
Toilet Throne.  I then used a 4" elbo that goes inside the flange and points
down.  No water comes in...and very little air.  I do back it tight with
foam rubber.  Just pop out the foam rubber and run another cable in.

"Can't wait for the 'cracks' about my Throne on the wall"

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