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[TowerTalk] Force 12: rivets, hardware

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Force 12: rivets, hardware
From: (Kenneth D. Grimm)
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 08:00:56 -0500
Steve Maki wrote:

> <stuff snipped>
> If care is taken to ensure no direct water ingress near the element
> center,
> it doesn't seem likely that condensation could overcome normal
> drainage out
> the ends.
> --
> Steve Maki K8LX

I think you are probably right, Steve.  My only experience with poly
rope in elements was with a stack of Wilson monobanders many years ago.
In addition to the poly rope, Wilson used soft plastic end caps for the
elements and the boom.  Presumably to keep the vibration and noise
down.  The result in my installation was that the booms filled with
water, the water froze and the booms split.  Ugly looking sight!

Ken K4XL

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