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[TowerTalk] RF/ANT relays

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Subject: [TowerTalk] RF/ANT relays
From: (C. Logan Dietz)
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 14:14:57 -0600
I home brew all my antenna switch boxes.  There are many DPDT 12V relays that
will work, including from Radio Shack.  I don't think I save any $, but I get
the configuration I want.  I like to have several antennas on one band with
the ability to switch in any combination from one to all.  I use a single dpdt
12v relay with the 2 poles in parallel and wired so that the antenna is
grounded when not selected or when power is off.  I use 24 volts on the line
to overcome resistance and to provide positive switching.

I put everything in a cast aluminum box and mount it to a tower leg for good
grounding.  I am convinced this method has helped in the lightning protection
area too.  Of course, I dont think it would do much in the case of a direct

Chuck, KZ5MM

Torres, Jose wrote:

> Hi everyone!
> Would appreciate advice on the SELECTION CRITERIA for relays to be used in
> the construction of an antenna relay box. I am into home brewing so not
> interested in of-the-shelve units.
> The frequency range is that of amateur HF (160 - 10 meters) and max. legal
> power.
> 73 de KP3G
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