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From: (John Brosnahan)
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 20:01:10 -0700 (MST)
The Copperweld Bimetalics factory for copper clad steel wire is in
Fayetteville, TN
but sells nothing under 1000 pounds.  For smaller orders contact Joe Lawrence
at South Star--615-433-3991.  He is the former customer service guy at
and his company is located about 3/4 mile from the factory and handles

As of November, 1997 everything is $1.96 per pound plus a flat $22.50 coil
What they typically stock is the 30% wire with the harder steel core, which is
the relatively stiff stuff we all know and love.

Here are some typical (approximate) values of interest:

AWG     diameter        lbs/1000ft      $/1000ft (plus coil charge)
10              .102            29              57
12              .080            18              35
14              .064            11.5            23
16              .050            7               14
18              .040            4.5             9

The "coil" charge of $22.50 is a one-time per size per order charge and
covers the cost of moving the big reel into position, setting up the measuring
device, and returning the reel when complete.  The wire is coiled into 20
inch ID 
coils and tied with twine--ie, no reel.  They prefer to handle coils no
greater than 100 
pounds, although they will go up to 200 pounds, and can make them any
smaller size 
for the fixed setup charge of $22.50.  If you want ten 100 pound coils it
is $22.50.  
If you want fifty 20 pound coils it is also the same $22.50.  Of course
shipping is on 
top of this.

For a serious radial system of 30,000 ft of #18 wire the cost would be
about $270 plus 
the $22.50 coil charge.  This works out to about one cent per foot.  Not
too bad 
considering what wire costs in small quantities.

Hope this information is useful.

73  John Brosnahan  W0UN

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