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[TowerTalk] FCC RF Exposure Bulletin

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Subject: [TowerTalk] FCC RF Exposure Bulletin
From: (Steve Sawyers n0yvy)
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 22:07:10 -0600 wrote:
> What I see is a long
> document with lots of examples unfortunately most of the formulas are missing.
> Where the formulas are supposed to be the FCC has some verbage about
> "insert formula here" in its place. 

I think the problem you have is in the translation from .wp to .doc.

Mine came out fine, but I'll bet when you installed Word, you (or who
ever installed Word) did not install the Equation Editor. It is not in
the standard default MS Word Install but is needed to display the
formula's. If you reinstall just that portion, things should come out

I found the .pdf files are more true to the original document.

de n0yvy steve

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