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[TowerTalk] wire 80m "Zagi"

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Subject: [TowerTalk] wire 80m "Zagi"
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 13:59:06 -0500
kh6ndAt 11:13 AM 11/21/97 -0500, wrote:
>I've been playing with 2-el 80m wire beams and just tried
>modeling a configuration with the elements at 70.6 & 60.4 feet.
>The elements are inverted Vee-s with 120 degrees between the legs.
>Spacing between the elements is 30 feet.  The idea here is that the
>elements are hung from a rope that goes from the top of the tower (72 ft)
>to ground level 200 ft away from the tower.
>What I found seems to be contrary to Tom's note about Force-12's
>Zagi.  That is, when I feed the lower element (using the upper one as
>a director) the peak gain is 9.33 dBi (modeled over average earth with
>But when I feed the higher one with the lower as the director, the
>peak gain drops to 8.74 dBi. Take Off angle is about 45 degrees.
>The other option is hang one element off each side of the tower.  Looks
>like then I can put both of the elements at 64 ft.  In this case the peak
>gain is 9.13 dBi.
>Just curious to see if anyone else has noticed similar things from wire yagis
>with elements at different heights.
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