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[TowerTalk] 4-square Basic Program

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 4-square Basic Program
From: \"Dick Green\"."< ("Dick Green".)
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 09:35:18 -0500
To those who requested my program for computing the optimium compass
orientation for a 4-square array:

I just discovered a minor problem with the program. It opens the file
CTY.DAT in the directory C:\HAM\CT, which is where I keep it on my system.
You either need to create that directory and put a copy of CTY.DAT in there,
or modify line 2500 to replace "C:\HAM\CT\CTY.DAT" with "CTY.DAT" (that will
open CTY.DAT in the current directory.

Sorry if this has caused any problems.

73, Dick, WC1M

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