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Subject: [TowerTalk] Aluminum Self Supporting Towers
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Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 22:07:32 -0500 (EST)
Dave Bowker wrote:
<Does anyone have experience and/or advice to offer on use of aluminum
self-supporting towers, such as the Universal Tower series, for supporting
large arrays such as the Force 12's with 36' to 44' booms?>

I have used a Heights SS alum. tower for over 30 yrs in the Dallas area. It
has supported small xmas trees and the like, but never a long boomer. It is
the original design, with a max of 26" face width.
Since then, both Heights and Universal have come out with 30" face designs
(which allow them to meet the original wind speeds advertised). I have
recently reestablished contact with Heights (now in FL), and have a package
of design info for a new series that has been in production for the last few
years. The new design can be a real brute: face widths to 35", and tube (leg)
sizes to 2.25"dia and 0.25 wall. It is still managed by Drake Dimitry Jr.,
and the info he provided, including a professional Engineers analysis, says
the design I am looking at can handle 25 sqft at 75 ft/80 mph, per the UBC.
My own analysis confirms this. I don't know what height you were going for,
but the load capability drops rapidly as you go above 80-100 ft.  Long
boomers would need to be balanced in any event to reduce torque on rotator
and tower.
I suggest you check it out at 805-429-9400. 

Bob K.  W5LT

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