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Subject: [TowerTalk] PRO67-C-3 owners
From: (Tom)
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 16:15:21 -0500
Hello out there in HF land,
        A place I can no longer visit since a severe windstorm broke the top
section of tower and beat up on my Mosley PRO67C-3. It didn't hit the
ground (well, a couple of pieces did), but got tossed upside down when
the top section of tower got caught in the rungs and just swung the
antenna over into an upside down 45 degree angle into the tower. Bent up
some of the smaller tubing, from 5/8 O.D. down to 1/2 O.D. that
comprised the end of some of the elements. Upon further inspection (I
have to get help since I'm in a wheelchair and can't do what I want to
when I want's a disability thing), I've noticed there are four
of the seven elements that have a bend in the "strongest" part of the
antenna (stiffener) where it mounts to the boom. These bends are
primarily on the heavier & longer elements. Yes, I'm aware of the long
elements with the dual traps in particular drooping, but has any PRO67
user ever noticed a bend in the "stiffener" section where it bolts to
the boom after it has been up in the air for a couple of years?? 

I would appreciate any input from PRO67C users as to how their antennas
are holding up and performing. I have no complaints about this antenna
at all. It has allowed me to "work the world" with 100w or less. My only
thought now is to get the thing fixed and back up in the air once the
tower is completed. I hope to be in HF land before fall. Please, any
input would be greatly appreciated as I've mentioned.

Tom   N3NXA east of PGH PA

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