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Subject: [TowerTalk] SLINKY 160 METER VERTICALS
From: (Lane C. Zeitler)
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 1997 20:44:10 -0800
I'll be going on a vacation and would like to operate portable top band
from the camp site. Lots of trees available for support so was wondering if
anyone has tried a Slinky vertical for 160?? 

I am looking at a very loose helically wound vertical made out of the old
fashioned steel type slinky toys. I know Carl KM1H and many others use
these for rcv beverages on reduced size acreage and reportedly they work
exceedingly well.

Yes I know their are numerous other options for top band antennas while at
the park but I have been very curious about this for a while now and it
seems like I will have a chance to try it out. Not sure how tall it should
be physically, how loose or tight the slinky(ies) should be, etc. I have
been to this park before and most of the trees are around 30-50 feet tall.
Curious abt useable bandwidth and overall efficiency versus a full size
vertical. I have no antenna modeling software.

Comments on this slinky vertical idea most welcome.

San Diego

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