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[TowerTalk] Cable info, 9913F, etc (Scott, KA9FOX)

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Cable info, 9913F, etc (Scott, KA9FOX)
From: (Press W Jones)
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 1997 10:04:07 EST
Scott, the specs on the 9913F are a bit different than those you've
listed, but not critically. Belden revises specs periodically based on
continuing mfg feedback and minor mods. Of interest:  (9/10/97 rev)
Nom. Attenuation:
VF      84%
Cap     24.6pf/ft
Jacket  "Belflex" (a rubber-like PVC compound)
Bend Radius 4"max
Max Temp. 80 deg C      
Nominal life (10 yr, Warranty)
Current cost (WM) $0.75/ft, $0.70/ft/100-499ft, $0/.69/ft/500/999ft,
$0.68/ft/1000ft, all custom cut.

The stuff is great for V & UHF, actually less loss than 100 ft of HL plus
jumpers at a fraction of the cost. The true loss of your assembly is more
significant than the individual ratings of any tx line.

HF at your lengths mentioned is well covered by 213 types, unless money
is no object or QRP and/or competitive DX  are factors. 
WM has 4 variations of it for general and specific uses, at good prices.
Also 6 varieties of 8X for particular needs.

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