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From: (Henry G Chapoton)
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 1997 10:39:11 -0500
     You wrote:
     > Things calmed down by mid-week, but then WWV was reporting
     > a major flare on Thursday and Friday, meaning 80/160 would
     > be dead by Saturday night. 
     So, is this why I had a difficult time working Europe on 80?  It was 
     a one-way mirror in the Atlantic...I would answer loud European CQ's, 
     they would CQ in my face. 
     40 was great!  Why does this happen on 80 only?
     - -Larry, K4AB
     What is your antenna?
     Transmit and receive are not always reciprocal.  Often a lower angle 
     will tx better while a higher angle will rx better.  I have 
     experienced this occasionally on 10 & 15 as well as 80.  Can you 
     switch between different antennas?  Can you switch polarization?  Some 
     nights are "vertical", some are horizontal, especially on the low 
     bands although this could be related to the radiation angle of the 
     particular antenna.  Another reason for "more antennas are better 
     Also, don't forget:  there is a LOT of "local" qrm over there that we 
     don't even hear and you could have gotten lost in it.
     Tallahassee, FL

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